Writing has been my shelter for so long; ever since I was a teenager. It has also been my friend when I had no close friends and died for speaking out. I wouldn’t describe myself as a writer but I could say that I am so passionate about, it and the more I write the better I get and the happier I feel.

I created this blog primarily because I wanted to be heard. However, I don’t intend to be writing about my personal life a lot or actually I won’t be writing about it at all. Yet, some posts might be inspired with my daily life or contain my opinion about various subjects. I’m also thinking of including short stories and I want to get some feedback from other writers and bloggers. I know there are some of the greatest ones here and I’d like to seek such an opportunity.

Finally, I hope that my posts would entertain you and add some value to your life. Thanks for reading and I’d really appreciate your feedback!


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