That Night

Hannah fled to the balcony and adjusted the chair angrily and pointlessly before finally throwing her body into it. Adam was not surprised since she always ran to this sanctuary when she was mad at him. Instead of immediately following her, he went to the kitchen and turned the boiler on. He observed her thoroughly from his place and all sounds were shut out. It amazed him how even in such situations he was able to acknowledge her beauty. He always told her that if all painters were crowded to paint the most beautiful woman, they wouldn’t be able to draw a woman as gorgeous as her.

The sound of the boiler going off returned him to the reality. He grabbed her favorite mug and lowered a packet of green tea. Remembering how she couldn’t resist the smell of white tea, he exchanged the packets. He then added boiling water up to three quarters of the mug like she always does. He never understood why she did that but he was so desperate for points.  He held the mug in his right hand and keeping his eyes fixed on it like a ten-year-old, he slowly marched towards Hannah. His eyes caught a glance of a red shawl on the couch and he precisely bent his knees simultaneously and snatched it with his left hand. Secretly saluting himself, he returned back to his starting position without losing his balance.

As he placed the mug on the table next to her he was relieved but she started suffering. Adam secured the shawl around his stubborn wife’s shoulders feeling them soften but then stiffen again. He grabbed a chair to face her right side and held her hands.

Hannah snatched her hand away from his and looked slightly to the left still able to get a glance or two of him. The tea’s aroma is now dance directly through her nostrils but to Hannah, taking a sip meant Adam won and she wasn’t planning on giving up that soon.

“Hannah would you please look at me?… At least talk to me!” Adam was trying to get her to talk since this would mark his victory. “Okay. I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done.”

“Whatever you’ve done?! You seriously don’t know what you did?!” His words succeeded in letting her break out of her silence.

“No, honey, I don’t.”

Her blue eyes were now facing his gaze and she remained silent for a few seconds. “What was today, Adam?” She asked sharply.

“Well let’s see… It’s not your birthday… not mine either… not our anniversary… not shopping either…” His words faded as he was counting and Hannah rolled her eyes away from him. She got abruptly out of her chair disturbing his count but he grasped her hands tightly. He stood locking his eyes to hers. “Hannah… I’m absolutely, genuinely and sincerely sorry I missed something… but could you maybe tell me what did I miss? I never forgot a promise I made to you or any special event and today was just overloaded with work and errands… so please Hannah make it easy for me.”

Hannah’s features softened at Adam’s words and her hands melted in his. “We were supposed to go to my parents… and I waited for you so long… then I tried reaching them to say we will be late… but they didn’t answer their phones. Then, I called you a lot but you weren’t picking up as well… and I felt lonely.”

Adam wasn’t stunned by what he heard as his day was full of events. He also knew her parents’ day was not a usual either. He reached out to her forehead and planted a shallow kiss. Hannah thought she saw his eyes filling up with tears but he quickly withdrew himself from tearing while Hannah sank into his arms.

To be continued…

(This post was inspired by Stubborn and Paint word prompts)


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