Profound Grief

“Quick! Call an ambulance….we’re losing her!”

Those were the first words Tamara heard when she opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry but she could see a huge crowd. Her head was so heavy she could not lift it. After a short while she felt people carrying her on a stroller and into a brightly lit place. She tried to understand what was happening, but all she could remember was hitting the brakes in disbelief.

Tamara was not seriously hurt but she had a broken arm. The doctors suggested that she should stay over night just in case. Her family surrounded her holding her hands and a few of them tearing. She wanted to speak and tell them not to worry but her tongue failed her.

The next morning her sister took her for a walk around the hospital. Just as they were heading back to her room she overheard the nurses talk.

“She didn’t stop crying since yesterday asking for her mother. What will we tell her?”

“Yeah isn’t it devastating?! It’s not easy losing your mother.”

Tamara’s sister quickly escorted her back to her room in a hurry, but Tamara’s heart ached. She used every muscle to ask about that little girl. Her sister, however, insisted that she knows nothing. She even asked her assigned nurse but she said that people lose their beloved ones almost everyday and gave her a vague answer. Moments later Tamara was released from the hospital and as days passed she was getting better.

4 years later…

“So what is the thing you miss most from the old days?” Asked Tamara.

“Well everything really,”said 21-year-old Alison.

Tamara and Alison met 1 month ago when Tamara decided to volunteer for reading for visually impaired individuals. Alison was passionate about Architecture from a very young age. She also liked reading a lot and had hundreds of unread books and novels in her room. Tamara and Alison grew inseparable in very short time.

“You know… I’ve never talked about this to anyone but I miss the sunset the most. This was actually the last thing I saw…. It’s always so vivid,” Alison said raising her chin to allow the wind to sway the strands of her hair while tearing.

“I think I’ll just get you a cup of water.” Tamara’s throat was thickening as it always did when Alison talked about the day she lost her sight. She never understood what really happened but she didn’t want to force Alison to remember that day and often changed the subject.

On her way back to the garden, Tamara caught a quick glance into Alison’s room. The window was opened and torturing a notebook sitting on her desk so  she let her self in to close the window. She forcibly held the notebook up to her face as she saw a familiar date: September 9,2010.

Today I learnt that I should have cherished every moment I was able to see. I shouldn’t have looked away when the sun was still there; when light still filled my world. I also learnt that everything has an end…. but one thing: the grief of loss. I lost my sight. Every time I tell someone this they say there’s nothing that interesting to see… but they don’t understand. I lost my mother… and that’s how I lost my sight. I still remember that car coming our way as we waited in the stoplight…. and then, my life was completely changed giving up all my dreams…

Tamara’s eyes filled up as she read the shaky lines and everything started to make sense about that day. The pieces of the crash started to fit together now and she remembered how she lost control over the car that day. She didn’t cross the speed limit or anything but it just happened. Tamara swiftly fled the place in devastation and grief and she never met Alison again.

2 months later…

“Well, well, well. Looks like Miss Alison is all good! This is for you…. from the donor,” said the nurse in a wide smile as she approached Alison.

Alison couldn’t believe she can see again. She held the note trying to read the letters that looked familiar but it took her so long to remember them.

I’m sorry your life will never be how it was… I just believe you deserve to take another chance to be everything you wanted to be.

“It doesn’t have  a name on it.”

“Well, yeah. She said she didn’t want us to give you any information about her… but she seems like a nice lady.”

Alison held the note close to her heart and looked outside the window and there it was… Another chance to witness the sunset.

(This was written response to the one-day prompt Profound )


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