How sorry are we when we say “I’m sorry”? In different situations, how sincere can words be? We do come across people saying that they really don’t know what they apologized for or that they really did not mean it as much as they stressed it. However, we still teach our children that this is the most important part of an Apology.

Apologies come in various colors and the more you think about it the more you see the shades. In my opinion it doesn’t really matter which color you choose as long as it is sincere. However, I also believe that actions should be given more attention.

Actions are foolproof because what are words worth if someone insists on a mistake? Imagine that you get frustrated when someone keeps clicking the pen up and down and this is how they sound like: “Sorry” *click* “Oh sorry” *click* “Oh no! I’m really really sorry” *click*…. Then what is the point? Yet somehow we still care about words more and instead of teaching children to acknowledge their mistakes and not repeat them, we tell them: “Say I’m sorry”!

Yes, words can be sincere and they are important but when you are not sure, maybe you should start considering the actions. Actions are proof!


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