Lost & Found

She stood there for hours… Not moving… Feeling nothing… And yet feeling everything…Was she breathing? No one can tell. All her hopes, dreams and fears were racing in front of her before they shattered into pieces.

Tears sneaked from her eyes trying to seek permission. They walked slowly leaving trails of fire on her burning cheeks. Their final destination was not different from hers. It was anonymous.

The wind joggled with her noodle-like hair. Despite its softness, she felt darts penetrating her whenever the air danced beside her.

Her baby-like hand, about to crush her own bones, was decomposing a note. The now colorless paper waited motionless losing track of how long it has been begging for the mercy of that palm.

The palm that once healed the people she admired in the magic of a touch was now able to torture. The same palm that radiated warmth and calmness looked like a fireball.

On the edge of the cliff, her eyes wandered around the murdered note. Although all the writings demolished, her exhausted eyes announced to her sinking heart:”I’ll be back soon! Admire you a lot <3″…….but no one was back soon….maybe no one was back at all.


(Note: The title and the scene just crossed my mind and I am not sure if this is a piece of a larger picture. Thanks for reading!)


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