Unstoppable… It might seem like a single word but it has a massive meaning. We always bombard ourselves with quotes and stories that tell us nothing can get in our way, and we repeat them so much that we start seeing it as a fact.

Well yes it is true! We are so determined…. so passionate that we can achieve just anything we dream about… but are we really “unstoppable”?!

Don’t we all have those stormy days in  our souls? Don’t we all feel worthless… useless… so empty-handed at some point in our lives and we just cry? Aren’t there a hundred things we gave up because the battle was fierce for us to continue?

YES we do, but by the minute those days pass and it is spring again, we are back on our feet full of energy and excitement ready to go again… And we are back to thinking that we are “UNSTOPPABLE”!


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