Fiction: Letter to a Friend



Dearest Hajar,

           Hey buddy! It’s not been so long since I was over at your place, but I really miss your mischievous smile when I fell backwards into your pool, and if you weren’t checking on baby Mia, I would swear you did it. Oh, upon mentioning her, make sure you carve an intense kiss on her chubby, cherry-coloured cheeks.

           However, although I felt alienated a couple of times and a shiver ran down through my spine from awkwardness, the party was a pure blast, but personally, I was mostly cheered up by the friend-to-friend moment afterwards. Wow! Tears raced down my cheeks like the “Niagara Falls” watching that dramatic film you chose. Well, you know I treat my tears like precious diamond crystals and won’t let them fall easily, but that was a hit! You’ve worked on your taste greatly actually.

           Honestly, I know your place is still a little missed up, but I’d really appreciate it if you fetch for my sister’s novel. It’s a bulky one with the title “ANONYMOUS” carved into it. Oh, you will find the “A” a little darker-actually black. It’s the result of my revenge years ago after one of those childish clashes of ours. As soon as you find it, pleas hand it to Judy, who will be arriving to Cairo next Monday, as she will be passing by your place as soon as you find the novel and give her a call.   

           I got to hit the hays, but we’ll always stay in contact. Please save my life by finding this jinxed thing as not only will my sister Hannah lose her temper, I might also lose a limb or something. Thanks a lot!

with love,




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