The Change

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to change the world. At some point as well, I started thinking of the jobs I could take to make an effective change, but the question is:” Do we really change the world or do we change ourselves?” Can I really do something to cause the change or to cause people to change? These thoughts always hit me at all times of the day. Well, these were just thoughts until I was about 11. Then, I decided to make a change by urging people to recycle – at home and school. Actually, at home, I didn’t get any attention. It was more like my own garbage was the one sorted into glass, plastic, and paper, but never really recycled. Why? Simple. It’s because in that country I used to live in, it wasn’t something common. Honestly, it isn’t something mentioned at all. While at school, we started having several trash cans with different labels, but again never recycled for the same reason. However, at the age of 13, I had new ideas. One was to stop anyone from littering the playgrounds at school and if anyone does, they’d get detention, which didn’t work for various reasons, but most importantly, teachers were part of the litter cause. The other was, after the first was an official failure, to help clean and paint the playground along with an enormous group of the school. This one was pretty good at first, but unexpectedly , giving me a minor heart attack, the school administration forbid it. Don’t ask me why! Now, by the age of 15, I started to understand that garbage isn’t really the only problem we have. We a lot more fatal problems because we are the real problem. WE need to change. WE need to wake up, courage the world and make the action to the best. This has been always my dream and will always be. Sure I do want to be a big part of it, but if it’s going to happen by everyone changing themselves,which is not as simple as it sounds, i don’t mind. As for me, “changing myself ” process is on. Switch yours on and help others switch their’s on too. Maybe it’s time to really “Pay it Forward“.


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