That Night

Hannah fled to the balcony and adjusted the chair angrily and pointlessly before finally throwing her body into it. Adam was not surprised since she always ran to this sanctuary when she was mad at him. Instead of immediately following her, he went to the kitchen and turned the boiler on. He observed her thoroughly … More That Night

Profound Grief

“Quick! Call an ambulance….we’re losing her!” Those were the first words Tamara heard when she opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry but she could see a huge crowd. Her head was so heavy she could not lift it. After a short while she felt people carrying her on a stroller and into a brightly … More Profound Grief


How sorry are we when we say “I’m sorry”? In different situations, how sincere can words be? We do come across people saying that they really don’t know what they apologized for or that they really did not mean it as much as they stressed it. However, we still teach our children that this is … More Apologies

Lost & Found

She stood there for hours… Not moving… Feeling nothing… And yet feeling everything…Was she breathing? No one can tell. All her hopes, dreams and fears were racing in front of her before they shattered into pieces. Tears sneaked from her eyes trying to seek permission. They walked slowly leaving trails of fire on her burning … More Lost & Found


Unstoppable… It might seem like a single word but it has a massive meaning. We always bombard ourselves with quotes and stories that tell us nothing can get in our way, and we repeat them so much that we start seeing it as a fact. Well yes it is true! We are so determined…. so passionate … More Unstoppable